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Cidade Maravilhosa, the city of contrasts: beaches and mountains, skyscrapers and favela houses, wealth and poverty, Zona Sul and Zona Norte, 40 degrees heat in the daytime and tropical heavy shower just a couple of hours later, luxury and misery, tolerance and prejudices, heartwarming friendliness and utmost rudeness, overcrowded city and stunning solitude of nature – this all co-exists in the same place at the same time. People from all parts of the world keep coming back to the wonderful city again and again. Many of them stay here for longer periods, some of them forever. And when you ask them, “Why Rio?”, they often fail to explain. Their only answer is, “It was love from first sight”.

It happened to me back in March 2013. I landed in Rio at 6 a.m. in the morning after 30 hours of traveling, cursing everything in the world and just dreaming of entering the hotel room and sleeping there for the next 2 days. It never occurred. About midday I was on the top of the Sugar Loaf mountain, enjoying one of the best views in my life. Some Mexican tourists that I met there asked me how I liked the place. “This one hill is more interesting than the whole country I live in,” was my first impression.

Rio - never stops to amaze

And so the dream came true. Since October 2014 I live in Rio at least 6 months per year. I am in love and in hate with it at the same time. Much more in love, of course. And it never stops to amaze me and take my breath away. And the most unbelievable thing is that after having spent quite a long time here, I still find new places to visit every weekend. Desperately trying to see at least one new place every week, I then add more and more spots to my to-visit list, so it never gets done.

Rio de Janeiro has a lot of hidden attractions which are not so easy to find. It is not just Christ Monument, Sugar Loaf, Maracana Stadium and Copacabana Beach. Forget about tourist guides and top 10 places to visit. Actually, check them out and then we will suggest you 50 other places... or even more. Discover the real Rio! There are hidden attractions around every corner, but you have to be aware of them. The mission of our blog is to help you to be local while being tourist or new expat. Get to know the places that even some locals still haven't discovered. Hope you will find lots of useful tips here and enjoy following our steps... and losing quite a few calories, because we do walk A LOT. Another promise: we won't overload you with too much information. Our blog is for lazy readers and active travelers.

Welcome to the marvelous city Rio de Janeiro! And if you have never been in love before, then now you will definitely be.