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Rio de Janeiro – the most beautiful big metropolis in the world. How did I end up here?

I wanted to expand my company to Brazilian market. After a few attempts from abroad, I quickly realized, there was no other way to achieve it than to move to Brazil for a while. I have lived in various countries and I am not afraid of the challenges a new country and culture present.

I have visited Rio and Sao Paulo before. Already from the first visits I knew where I wanted to live – Rio de Janeiro. This vibrant metropolis with its 6,5 million people and beach lifestyle is total opposite of Sao Paulo, in fact total opposite of every other big city in the world.

Great for travel, frustrating for business

To do well as an entrepreneur and not to be stressed out, you have to be happy with your life. There are endless business opportunities everywhere around the world, so choose the place, where you feel good. This is what I did. Although Rio de Janeiro makes me furious every workday with its bureaucracy, pointless obstacles, laziness, incompetence, lack of consideration, oh did I mention bureaucracy… at weekends and countless holidays, that the Cariocas enjoy, Rio excites me with endless interesting places – mountaintops to conquer, parks to explore, beaches to surf, islands to SUP, favelas to peek, promenades to bike etc.

After my first time in Rio I thought I had seen it all… the Christ, Pao de Azucar, Copacabana beach, Ipanema beach, Maracana stadium. Not realizing, that the best places to visit are not among those touristic attractions. Today I hear from many Cariocas (people of Rio): “Even I don’t know those places. How did you find them?”. So I do hope that our explorations of the city help you to plan your trip to Rio de Janeiro and to enjoy it even more than “normal tourists”!