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Positivity in the time of corona

Positivity in the time of corona

We have travelled to over 55 countries and counting. It´s sad to see that today the corona virus has severely restricted travel options. Nevertheless, in our travels we have also seen the need for change in how people connect with and care for nature and environment. Change in our ill habits towards the environment is long overdue. Today we see what the nature can do if we are not careful and respectful. Moreover, how fast it can do it.

In difficult times, it is easy to focus on self-preservation and fear, be driven by global panic and expect the worse. But the world-wide restrictions and wide-spread quarantine give us a possibility to stop and think – how we want to move forward? Below, is a list of our humble attempt at staying positive both in thoughts and actions.

5 positive thoughts to focus on in times of tragedy

1. COVID-19 outbreak is our planet’s cry for help. The Earth is finally taking a rest from the linear economy consequences. Take-make-waste model cannot work infinitely. Unlimited economic growth cannot last forever. While factories and plants are temporarily closing their doors, the air becomes cleaner, and the environment is slowly coming back to life.

2. Online world is thriving. Many companies are realizing that their employees can work remotely and actually do their work well. Hopefully, this trend will continue after the troubling times are over. In the future, there might be less obsession with being present at the office, fewer strict corporate rules, more flexibility in terms of work hours, fewer traffic jams, fewer rush hours and less work-related stress.

3. The pandemic is also changing the way the world views education. The society is starting to question the effectiveness of the traditional education system. Is passive learning with non-stop exams within the four walls of the classroom always necessary? Can we find a more creative approach and incorporate ideas of homeschooling, democratic education, slow learning, hands-on learning, etc.?

4. The virus outbreak is a wake-up call for many of us. Overworking, overspending, overconsuming, overeating, overdrinking, overindulging doesn’t seem to work anymore. It’s time to slow down and think it all over. Where are we going, and do we really want to keep going in this direction? Or is it about time to escape the prison of materialism?

5. The current tragedy is bringing the world together. While lately we have been more distant from each other physically, we are becoming closer emotionally. People are faced with the fact that ‘every man for himself’ strategy will only lead to a bigger disaster. Only together, uniting our efforts and caring for each other, are we able to overcome it.

10 positive things to do during corona quarantine

1. Connect

Be present for people, at least virtually. Have long conversations with your loved ones. Reconnect with long ago forgotten friends whom you somehow neglected due to lack of time. Give emotional support to those severely affected by the tragedy. Share compassion and disregard blame. If you are able, donate to organizations that help those who lack means to cope with the disaster.

2. Clean

Clean, tidy up, organize and declutter your home, every corner from dusty cellar to your computer files. Bring in new fresh energy to your surroundings.

3. Work out

Work out, do yoga, dance, stretch. Online class opportunities are growing with each quarantine day. Train your willpower. There is no instructor supervising you, no workout companions by your side to keep you motivated. You could give up within the first five minutes and go back to your couch. Or you could make it the best workout ever.

4. Slow down

Practice slow living. Cook healthy meals or eat raw. Meditate. Disconnect from all the distractions. Practice being here and now. Read books you never had time for.

5. Cleanse

Tired of worrying about limited food supplies? Turn the situation in your favor. Start a week of detox or therapeutic fasting at home. Groom and pamper yourself. Transform your home into a personal spa retreat.

6. Study

Have you always wanted to study something but never made time for it? The time has come. Start living your dream today. Sign up for that online marketing course. Begin learning that foreign language that fascinates you. Put that entrepreneurship program into your schedule.

7. Create

Not an entrepreneur type? Find your inner artist instead. Eliminate creative blocks. Remember your childhood passions. Try your hand at arts and crafts. Create and make arts like nobody is watching, because no one really is this time.

8. Kick-start

Prepare for a future career turnaround if this is what you have been longing for. Start writing that business plan or that book you have had in mind for a while already. Make the best use of the available time. Take advantage of the isolation to do deep work. Make that project kickstart happen.

9. Downshift

Revise your lifestyle and look for change opportunities, to make it more sustainable and environment friendly. Every tiny step away from excessive consumerism toward greener lifestyle and circular economy matters. Reduce, reuse, recycle. Be creative.

10. Appreciate

Cherish your dear memories. Sort your travel pictures and photos of happy moments. Practice gratitude. Count blessings. Focus on the positive until it becomes our everyday reality again.