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Our story

HER       HIM
vegan   normal person
freelancer   entrepreneur
dancing is the biggest love of her life   dancing is one of his businesses
traveling is her second big love   traveling is the biggest love of his life
unfinished higher education   Master degree
makes lists   hates lists
antisocial   very social
has few friends, but very close ones   has lots of friends
emotional   practical
dreamer   achiever
likes city trips   likes outdoor adventures
number of countries visited: 44   number of countries visited: 55
favorite destinations: BRAZIL, Italy, Greece, Peru, India   favorite destinations: BRAZIL, New Zealand, Australia, Cuba, Sri Lanka
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And something in common too: dancing, traveling, long walks, sports, photography, reading, music, psychology, foreign languages, living a beautiful life

You are welcome to join us in living a beautiful life!

How our website works

Reviews by HIM and by HER contain our personal opinions about each location. In the main description, you will find some general information like:

  • the origin of attraction's name
  • its location
  • short history
  • some interesting facts and numbers
  • tips and advice (what to see or do, when and how to go, what to bring and what to keep in mind)
  • safety

We use color coded recommendation system for each attraction:

  • green - great place
  • yellow - nice place, or a great place for some specific interest group
  • red - ok place

Create your personal travel plan

You are welcome to use our site to create personal travel plan:

  1. add attractions to your plan
  2. click on "Your plan" link in the header
  3. add your e-mail
  4. we will send your personal travel plan with all the information for viewing online or printing