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How our website works

Reviews by HIM and by HER contain our personal opinions about each location. In the main description, you will find some general information like:

  • the origin of attraction's name
  • its location
  • short history
  • some interesting facts and numbers
  • tips and advice (what to see or do, when and how to go, what to bring and what to keep in mind)
  • safety

We use color coded recommendation system for each attraction:

  • green - great place
  • yellow - nice place, or a great place for some specific interest group
  • red - ok place

Create your personal travel plan

You are welcome to use our site to create personal travel plan:

  1. add attractions to your plan
  2. click on "Your plan" link in the header
  3. add your e-mail
  4. we will send your personal travel plan with all the information for viewing online or printing