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Private islands for sale in Brazil

Private islands for sale in BrazilIlha de Cajaiba view from above

If you are considering a bigger investment in Brazilian real estate sector, then we suggest taking a look at this cool opportunity! Most islands in Brazil are state owned, only a few are available for private ownership by law. Even less have development rights granted, since a lot of the islands consist of agriculture land or are under protection by nature reserves. Howeverm, there are two islands off the coast of Bahia, that have development rights for over 3,000 residential and commercial plots, AND THEY ARE NOW ON SALE!

To own and develop your own city on a tropical Brazilian island is a unique opportunity!

Ilha de Cajaiba and Pioca - two private islands primed for development of residential community. Total property consists of 251.8 ha of land and has received a zoning right for developing up to 2,942 residential and 140 commercial plots. The islands are only 700 m boat ride away from São Francisco do Conde, Bahia and 38 km away from Salvador, the state capital of Bahia.

Total property consists of two islands with development rights: Cajaiba (210.2 ha and 2,682 plots) and Pioca (41.6 ha and 400 plots). 
Cajaiba and Pioca are offered for sale either together or separately. For more information check out the island sales page HERE.