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Beaches of Barra da Tijuca and Recreio Beach

Beaches of Barra da Tijuca and Recreio Beach

Pepe Beach

Praia and Avenida do Pepe were named after Pedro Paulo Guise Carneiro Lopes, known as Pepe, a famous Brazilian sportsman and world champion in hang gliding. Praia do Pepe is very popular among young people, who come here to practice all possible water sports (windsurfing, body boarding, kite surfing, stand up paddle, surfing) or to hang out in vibrant promenade cafes. Beachfront area across the road is full of hotels, bars, restaurants and shops. There are almost no high buildings in this neighborhood, which gives a feeling of being in a small resort town.

Barra Beach

As you move forward to Praia da Barra, you still see the same scenery and the same crowd on the beach, but the other side of the road changes. Skyscrapers, huge condominiums, 20-story hotels, pricy restaurants and boutiques. Same kinds of sport are being practiced on the beach, and occasionally it hosts water sports competitions.

Reserva Beach

And suddenly it all ends. No people, no buildings, no public transport, not even beach kiosks! Welcome to Praia da Reserva – a deserted paradise between two busy beaches. An awesome place to enjoy solitude, either taking sun on the empty beach or walking along a picturesque bicycle path hidden between the motorway and the green valley.

Recreio Beach

When you have had enough of peace and isolation, continue your way to reach Praia do Recreio. Young people playing beach games or surfing, promenade bars attracting you with loud music, everyone relaxing and enjoying the endless summer.

Song with many of Rio's beaches

Leleco 22 and Bonde da Stronda "Hell de Janeiro" features many of the beaches of Rio de Janeiro and the Cariocan beach lifestyle.

Quick facts

Type: beach
Touristic: a little bit
Getting there: takes a bit of time
Minimal transport: bus + walk
Length: 18 km
Difficulty: easy
Cost: free
Other names: Praias da Barra da Tijuca, Praia do Recreio, Barra beaches, Barra and Recreio beaches
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