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Bhering Factory

Bhering Factory

Bhering Produtos Alimentícios was the first chocolate factory in the city. It was founded in the 1940s and is located in Santo Cristo neighborhood, the port region of Rio de Janeiro.

At the beginning of the 2000, the Bhering Produtos Alimentícios was on the edge of bankruptcy and the factory was abandoned.

Overtime local artist began to rent the rooms and use it for their ateliers. In 2005 there was only one artist working in the factory. Now there are dozens of artist studios spread around the huge 6-story, 20 000 square meter building. Among the current Bhering residents are sculptors, painters, photographers, editors, as well as all kinds of designers.

Tips about Fabrica Bhering

  • This place is not always open for public. The best times to visit is during open house days, which usually happen once per month. Keep an eye on their event schedule on their FB page.
  • If you are interested to visit a specific artist atelier, then you can arrange a time with him/her beforehand. You can find info about the artists that work in the factory from the Fabrica Bhering website. 
  • If you are into photography, then this place offer endless photographic opportunities.

Fabrica Bhering safety

The neighborhood of Santo Cristo is not very safe. It is better to take a taxi or Uber there. The closest metro station to make the switch, is Central station. Usually there are police present, but you should be careful. We have witnessed robberies ourselves whilst there.  

Video about Fabrica Bhering

Quick facts

Type: arts and crafts
Touristic: no
Getting there: easy
Minimal transport: metro + taxi
Cost: free
Website: www.fabricabhering.com
Other names: Fábrica Bhering, Fabrica Bhering, Bhering chocolate factory
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