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Catacumba Park

Catacumba Park

Parque da Catacumba (Catacomb Park) is an ecological reserve near Lagoa Rodrigo de Freitas.

According to a legend, Parque da Catacumba was used as a cemetery, where the Indians buried their dead before the arrival of the Portuguese to Brazil.

In the early twentieth century, the place was known as Chacara the Catacomb and belonged to the baroness of Lagoa Rodrigo de Freitas, who later left her lands to her ex-slaves. In 1940s, with arrival of numerous immigrants, the place turned into a favela. By 1970 the slum was removed and turned into a park through reforestation program.

Tips for Parque da Catacumba

  • Parque da Catacumba is a great escape from too hot or rainy weather. The air is a bit cooler there and the vegetation is so dense that rain barely comes through.
  • Take a relaxing walk or jog around the Lagoa and visit the park and trail on the way.
  • Put on sneakers and dress sporty to climb on the trees in the Adventure Park, located near the entrance.

Quick facts

Type: park, hiking trail
Touristic: no
Getting there: easy
Minimal transport: walk
Time: 20 minutes to go up
Height: 130 meters
Length: 330 meters
Difficulty: easy
Cost: free
Website: www.parquedacatacumba.com.br
Other names: Parque da Catacumba, Catacomb Park, Mirante da SacopĆ£, Morro do Urubu
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