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Flamengo Beach and Park

Female opinion

While the beach is suitable only for sunbathing and enjoying the view, the park is a paradise for sports lovers. You can find all possible group trainings held at Aterro do Flamengo, some of them seasonally, others throughout the year. Football, yoga, roller skating, hula hoop, are only a few of activities. On weekends, Parque do Flamengo is also a perfect place to ride a bike. You can start somewhere near Museum of Modern Art and go all the way to Leblon, passing Botafogo and Copacabana. Sometimes you can find open air events in front of Museu de Arte Moderna and along Marina da Glória.

Male opinion

Although you can find a lot of locals on the beach during sunny weekends, it is not a beach for having a swim. Flamengo beach is situated in the Guanabara Bay, which is notorious for its polluted water. There is a big park in front of the beach, where it´s possible to bike, run or practice other sports. Locals use it for holding picnic style birthday parties. It´s also good for plane-watching, as its very close to the Santos Dumont airport runway. Inside the week, the beach and park can be quite empty and not that safe to hang around alone. It´s best to go there during a sunny weekend, if you have nothing better to do.

Projected by famous landscape architect Roberto Burle Marx and inaugurated in 1965, Aterro do Flamengo park occupies a territory of 1 200 000 square meters. Located between Santos Dumont airport and Botafogo beach, it is the largest city park by the ocean.

Main highlights in Aterro do Flamengo

  • Local flora and fauna featuring many species of birds, trees and plants. Flamengo park is a real oasis right in the center of the city.
  • Marina da Gloria with several nautical clubs, restaurants and bars is a cozy port with a nice view. Occasionally hosts maritime and sport events.
  • Museu de Arte Moderna do Rio de Janeiro – an impressive modernist building surrounded by gardens, promoting contemporary art through its exhibitions and educational programs.
  • Sport facilities. Aterro do Flamengo has numerous football and basketball grounds, skate lane and other recreational facilities. The park is also a venue for different marathons and race competitions.

Quick facts

Type: beach, park
Touristic: no
Getting there: fairly easy
Minimal transport: metro + walk
Cost: free
Website: www.parquedoflamengo.com.br
Other names: Praia do Flamengo, Flamengo beach, Parque do Flamengo, Aterro do Flamengo, Parque Brigadeiro Eduardo Gomes
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