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Gigoia Island

Gigoia Island

Ilha de Gigoia can be crossed from one end to the other in just 15 minutes. Even the widest streets look like tiny paths, and there are no cars on the island, of course. It has about 3000 inhabitants. Despite being so small, Gigoia has everything necessary: restaurants, shops and even guesthouses and rental apartments to stay overnight. The island is an extremely calm and also a very safe place thanks to its isolation.

Ilha Primera (which is in fact a peninsula, not an island) is located next to Gigoia and is also worth visiting. It hosts the most popular restaurant in the area – Bar do Cícero, which offers a nice view over Gigoia island. The inner streets of Ilha Primera have the same relaxed atmosphere as Ilha de Gigoia.

Quick facts

Type: island
Touristic: no
Getting there: easy
Minimal transport: metro + boat
Cost: cheap
Other names: Ilha de Gigoia, Gigoia island, Ilha da Gigóia, Ilha da Jibola
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