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Joatinga Beach

Joatinga Beach

Joatinga beach is locted in Joa district, between Sao Conrado and Barra da Tijuca.

Joa is an upscale neighborhood of upper class of Zona Oeste of Rio de Janeiro. The name of the neighborhood comes from the name of its pioneer resident, the French Laurence Anchois, whose last name was pronounced “anchuá”.

Joa is a very mountainous area, most on the houses are concentrated on top of Joatinga hill. In the Tupi language “yua” means loam and “tinga” whitish.

Tips for Joatinga beach

  • Take advantage of the natural sunshades, the solitude, absence of street vendors, and the interesting waves that come from 3 directions to toss you around and meet on the sandy shore.
  • Go to Joatinga in the morning, as in the afternoon the beach stays in the shadow and it is not possible to sunbathe.
  • Make sure you leave in time as the beach shrinks constantly, cutting your way back with the evening high tide.
  • The beach is located on the territory of a closed condominium. Access to the beach is open to everyone, although it might be limited when the beach is full.

Quick facts

Type: beach
Touristic: no
Getting there: takes time and effort
Minimal transport: bus + walk
Difficulty: moderate
Cost: free
Other names: Praia da Joatinga, Joatinga beach
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