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Female opinion

A real inspiration for artists, photographers and others who admire art and nature. One of Rio's most romantic places. The highlight of the park is a historical mansion where the School of Visual Art of Lage Park is located. You can enjoy a cup of coffee in its cozy cafeteria in the inner yard of the mansion next to the pool and occasionally see some art exhibition or live performance. On weekends many locals come to the park to have picnics and celebrate children birthdays.

Male opinion

The nicest park in Rio. It stands quietly right next to the Botanical Garden, just as if keeping to the shadows of the more famous tourist attraction. But if I had to choose, I´d definitely prefer Parque Lage with its beautiful mansion, caves, aquarium, ruins, waterfalls, and other interesting things to see. It is a big park and you will love every inch of it in all of its diversity. You can also start a hiking trail to Christ the Redemer statue from the park.

Parque Lage is a charming park, located in Jardim Botanico neighborhood, at the base of Tijuca Forest (from where you can also start your hike to Corcovado mountain).

Lage Park was named after its owner - Henrique Lage, a Brazilian businessman. In 1920s Henrique started a project of remodeling its mansion to please his wife Gabriella Besanzoni, an Italian opera singer. The work was done by an Italian architect Mario Vodrel. Gabriela turned Lage palace into a center of social life of Rio de Janeiro, organizing luxurious parties for the most prominent representatives of Rio's society.

In 1960s Parque Lage became a public park and in 1975 Escola de Artes Visuais do Parque Lage was opened. 

Tips about Parque Lage

  • We advise you to vist Parque Lage at least twice. Morning or afternoon is the best time to explore the whole park. In the evening it's great to have a dinner or drinks in the courtyard of the mansion and enjoy the most romantic atmosphere.
  • Parque Lage's mansion is often reserved for private events. Check cafeteria's Facebook Page before you go. 
  • If you are fluent in Portuguese, staying in Rio for a longer time and interested in arts, you can join some of the regular courses at the School of Visual Art, located in the Lage mansion. 
  • The area between Parque Lage and Jardim Botanico is also worth exploring. Green streets, beautiful residential houses and numerous stylish bars and restaurants. Just walk up the small streets crossing with Rua Jardim Botanico.

Parque Lage safety

The park is safe to visit on weekends. On workdays it is probably safe as well, but there are not so many people, so be alert. Jardim Botanico area around the park can sometimes be a little bit dangerous. Better not to walk there after dark.

Song related to Parque Lage

In 2002 Parque Lage was featured in Snoop Dog's music video "Beautiful". 

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Quick facts

Type: park
Touristic: a little bit
Getting there: easy
Minimal transport: walk (bus for the lazy)
Difficulty: easy
Cost: free
Website: http://eavparquelage.rj.gov.br/
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How to get there

Address: R. Jardim Botânico, 414

Hood: Jardim Botânico 

From Ipanema, General Osorio: 

1. Walk towards Leblon on Visconde de Piraja street.
2. Turn right at Vinicius de Morais street.
3. Walk until you reach the Lagoon.
4. Start walking left around the Lagoon.
5. It will be a long walk, until you pass Lagoon Center at your right and followed by a long wall of the Jockey Club at your left.
6. Turn left into General Garson street. It is the first street after the long Jockey Club wall.
7. Turn right into the main street: Rua Jardim Botânico.
8. Follow the street until you see Parque Lage at your left.

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