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Museum of Brazilian Naive Art (MIAN)

Female opinion

This is a totally different kind of museum. Museu Internacional de Arte Naif do Brasil is a small, cosy, 3-floor building, full of colorful and joyful paintings of Brazil as well as other places. The majority of work is dedicated to Rio, of course. Cidade Maravilhosa through the eyes of street artists that hold no proper art education. Observing these childish, free of strict rules paintings with absence of right proportions, you might start wondering, “Maybe anyone of us could be an artist..”

Male opinion

Do not visit this museum… until the end of your trip. Visit it just before you leave Rio. This way you will experience the joy of recognition of the places of Rio de Janeiro and understand how the paintings capture the spirit of the locations. The museum exhibits paintings in a naive style. They are very childlike, simplistic and playful, mirroring perfectly the Carioca lifestyle. If you asked me to describe the people from Rio, I would take you to this museum.

Museu Internacional de Arte Naïf (MIAN) is the largest naïve art museum in Brazil, presenting works of both Brazilian and international artists. Naïve style can be described as simple, natural, spontaneous or even childlike and primitive. Most of the artists are self-taught painters who did not receive any formal education in arts.

MIAN was founded by a famous French jewelry designer; Lucien Finkelstein, in 1995. His greatest passion was naïve art and the museum was his gift to Cidade Maravilhosa. “Setting up MIAN, I consider as paying back a debt of gratitude, an obligation that I owe to this marvelous city of Rio de Janeiro, which welcomed me as Christ, with open arms, when I was sixteen and landed here...”

Tips for MIAN

  • 50% discount from entrance price if you have Corcovado train ticket. If the waiting line for the train is long, you can try MIAN first, it's just 50 meters from Corcovado train station.
  • Leaving the museum, don't forget to check out its backyard to grab a drink or a snack at “Da Cozinha Cafe” organic bistro.
  • Go to MIAN after seeing most of the attractions, you will appreciate the art more, as the paintings are mostly about the different sights of Rio.
  • Almost all Rio's museums are closed on Mondays. On Tuesdays many museums offer free entrance. Check the museum's website for exact information.

Quick facts

Type: museum
Touristic: no
Getting there: easy
Minimal transport: bus
Cost: cheap
Website: www.museunaif.com
Other names: Museu Internacional de Arte Naïf, MIAN, Museum of Brazilian Naive Art, Naive Art Museum
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How to get there

Address: Rua Cosme Velho, 561

Hood: Cosme Velho

From Ipanema, General Osorio: 

1. Take the bus to Cosme Velho (buses that have Cosme Velho written as destination).
2. Get off the bus at Cosme Velho (ask the driver to let you know). All the gringos will get off at that station, as the train to Christ statue goes from there.
3. Walk up the road and in about 50 meters the museum is to your left.

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