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Pontal Rock

Pontal Rock

Located in Recreio neighborhood, Pedra do Pontal is also known as Pontal de Sernambetiba and Pontal Tim Maia. The last name is dedicated to a famous Brazilian singer because of his song “Do Leme ao Pontal”. The rock island divides the sandy oceanfront into two separate beaches - Recreio and Macumba.

Tips about Pedra do Pontal:

  • The way up is not very extreme, but demands some caution, as the smooth slippery rock has no walking path. At the top there is also a bit where you really need to climb, so better to bring good shoes, not flip-flops.

Song about Pedra do Pontal

Famous Brazilian songwriter Tim Maia has written a song "Do Leme ao Pontal" to signify the continuous beachfront that runs from Leme Rock to Pontal Rock.


Quick facts

Type: rock island
Touristic: no
Getting there: takes a long time
Minimal transport: bus
Height: 120 meters
Difficulty: medium
Cost: free
Other names: Pedra do Pontal, Pontal de Sernambetiba, Pontal Tim Maia
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