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Santa Marta Favela

Santa Marta Favela

Santa Marta is located in Botafogo and Laranjeiras neighbrohoods on Dona Marta hill and has about 6000 residents. In 2008 Santa Marta became the first pacified favela in Rio de Janeiro.

Dona Marta hill got its name already in the 17th century, when a priest bought its lands and named the hill in honor of his mother Marta. The origin of Santa Marta name dates back to early 20th centry, when a devotee of Santa Marta took the saint's picture to the top of the hill. A chapel was built there and people started to settle down around it, thus the slum was formed.

Tips for Santa Marta favela

  • A good way to see the favela is by a guided tour, organized by local resident and social activist Thiago Firmino: http://favelasantamartatour.blogspot.com.br This gives you an opportunity to see favela's life through the eyes of its residents and support the local community.
  • Choose a sunny day to visit Santa Marta to enjoy the full view from above. With cloudy weather the Christ statue is not visible.

Michael Jackson song filmed in Santa Marta

They Don't Care About Us” by Michael Jackson, filmed in 1996 in Santa Marta, Rio de Janeiro and Pelourinho, Salvador de Bahia.

Quick facts

Type: favela
Touristic: yes
Getting there: easy
Minimal transport: metro + taxi
Height: 362 meters
Cost: medium (tour price)
Other names: Favela Santa Marta, Saint Martha's favela, Morro Dona Marta, Dame Martha's Hill
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