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Selaron Stairs

Selaron Stairs

Selaron stairs are named after its creator Jorge Selarón, Chilean painter and sculptor. Before 1990 they were just ordinary street stairs in a poor neighborhood. Jorge Selarón devoted more than 20 years of his life (from 1990 till the end of his life in 2013) to converting these stairs into the biggest masterpiece of the wonderful city. Escadaria Selarón is one of the symbols of Rio de Janeiro. If you haven't seen this landmark, your trip to Rio is incomplete.

Tips for Escadaria Selarón:

  • Definitely take a camera with you. You can also order your picture printed on a ceramic tile in one of the ateliers near the stairs.
  • Be careful, especially in the evening. The neighborhood is not safe.
  • Look for a ceramic tile with your country or city. Many of Selaron's tiles were donated to the artist by travelers, that's why you will see a lot of pieces from different countries and cities. Hope you can find your homeland piece too :)

Documentary about the creator of Selaron stairs Jorge Selarón (1947 – 2013)

Quick facts

Type: architecture
Touristic: very
Getting there: easy
Minimal transport: metro
Length: 125 m
Difficulty: easy
Cost: free
Other names: Escadaria Selarón, Selaron stairs, Selaron, Selaron steps
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