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Telegrafo Rock

Female opinion

Pedra do Telegrafo is very famous hiking trail because of one of the rocks at the top, where you can take photos hanging in the air above an abyss, when actually you are standing on another rock. I had no interest in taking pictures of a fake adventure, but I really liked the place for another reason. It offers the greenest view of the city. There is endless green landscape meeting the blue ocean anywhere you look.

Male opinion

If you are vain, then you cannot miss this place. It offers the supreme Facebook cover photo opportunity. I did not take advantage of the chance because the waiting line is normally about 2 hours. As I said, you have to be vain enough. Nevertheless, I absolutely enjoyed the views that the hike had to offer. It is very far, but the area is worth to spend a whole day.

Pedra do Telegrafo (Telegraph Rock) is located on Morro de Guaratiba, 354 meters above the ocean level. During the Second World War, Guaratiba hill hosted military facilities to spy on German submarines and prevent possible attacks. The information was transmitted by radio, that's where the name came from.

Looking towards the city you can see wild beaches Praia do Perigoso and Praia do Meio, as well as other areas like Grumari, Recreio, Barra da Tijuca, Pedra da Gávea. On the other side you'll see Restringa de Marambaia –  almost 43 km long sand strip. It is a military area with restricted access.

Tips for Pedra do Telegrafo

  • If you want the famous photo of yourself on the edge of a cliff, looking to abyss, then go very early or during rainy weather. Otherwise you have to wait in line for 1 to 6 hours.  
  • After the hike it's nice to relax in one of Barra de Guaratiba's numerous bars and restaurants. Our favorite one is Marambaia Cafe, featuring a gorgeous ocean view.
  • If you are not tired after the hike, then rent a stand up paddle. It is extremely popular activity in Barra de Guaratiba, where you are able to paddle between the mangroves in winding water channels.
  • Even if you don´t get the famous photo, you will enjoy the views and get a bunch of other gorgeus photos from up there.
  • It makes sense to go to Barra de Guaratiba for a full day, as it is far from the city (1-2 hours, depending on the selected transportation). Enjoy the trail, SUP-ing or canoeing and the nearby beaches.
  • It can be hard to get back to the city. If you find yourself stranded without a transport, ask from one of the cafes/restaurants to call you a local driver. They will take you back to the city or to a bus stop to the city.

Barra de Guaratiba neighbourhood has many interesting things to see and do, so you might want to stay there for a night or two. Here are some great deals to Barra de Guaratiba accommodation:















Quick facts

Type: mountain trail
Touristic: no, but crowded by locals
Getting there: complicated and takes a long time
Minimal transport: bus + taxi
Time: 45 minutes to go up
Height: 354 meters
Length: 2,5 km
Difficulty: medium
Cost: free
Other names: Pedra do Tel├ęgrafo, Telegraph Rock
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How to get there

Address: Rua Almirante Carlos Tinoco

Hood: Barra de Guaratiba 

From Ipanema, General Osorio: 

1. Take the bus to Recreio (buses that have Recreio written as destination).
2. Get off the bus at Pedra do Pontal, Recreio (ask the driver to let you know).
3. Take a taxi or Uber to Marambaia Cafe in Barra de Guaratiba.
4. Walk with the ocean to your right and take the first street left.
5. On your way up take the next streets right and the next one left.
6. You should arrive, if not, ask locals for help.

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