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Vidigal Favela

Vidigal Favela

Vidigal is located between Leblon and Sao Conrado neigborhoods, at the base of Two Brothers Hill.

The neighborhood was named after a former commander of the Military Police of Rio de Janeiro state in the 19th century, Major Miguel Nunes Vidigal. The first slums were built here in 1940s. Before its pacification, Vidigal was considered one of the most dangerous favelas in Rio because of the drug war.

Vidigal favela was pacified in 2011. The local ghetto is now considered to be the friendliest and most cultural favela in Rio. Many foreigners have bought houses here and live in the community permanently. From all the favelas, Vidigal has the best views. It has become quite popular among tourists and locals from wealthy neighborhoods. That's why some Vidigal restaurants with great views have Leblon-level prices.

Vidigal favela safety

In Rio de Janeiro you are not 100% safe anywhere. That in mind, Vidigal is the safest favela in Rio de Janeiro. It is accustomed to receiving a lot of rich locals as well as foreign tourists every day. Nevertheless, keep your eyes open and do not bring valuables. Most dangerous gunfights in favelas start from shootouts between the special police forces (BOPE) and drug traffickers. If you see police with machineguns running or taking cover in the favela, run the other way.

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Quick facts

Type: favela
Touristic: a little bit
Getting there: easy
Minimal transport: walk
Cost: free
Other names: Vidigal, Vidigal favela, comunidade do Vidigal
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