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Botanical Garden

Botanical Garden

Rio de Janeiro Botanical Garden is located in Jardim Botanico neighborhood in Zona Sul area. It was founded in 1808 by prince Regent Dom João and was originally dedicated to research the adaptation of certain plants to Brazilian climate. In 1822 the garden was opened to the public. Only 40% on the park is cultivated, the rest belongs to the Atlantic Forest. Nowadays Botanical Garden features about 6 000 species of plants and trees, and almost 140 species of birds.

Jardim Botanico safety

The park is fenced off and is only for paying guests, making it a safe place to visit. The Jardim Botanico neighborhood is a little bit separated and has less people on the streets than other touristic areas. This makes the surrounding streets a good place for street crime. Avoid taking longer walks in the area during dark.

Video from Jardim Botanico

Quick facts

Type: park
Touristic: fairly
Getting there: takes a bit of time
Minimal transport: a long walk or bus
Difficulty: easy
Cost: cheap
Website: www.jbrj.gov.br
Other names: Jardim Botânico, Jardim Botânico do Rio de Janeiro, Botanical Garden
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