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Prainha Beach

Female opinion

If you want to escape from the crowded city for a while, then Prainha is the perfect choice for your day. One of the last unspoiled beaches hidden between the mountains and surrounded by tropical rainforest. Huge waves, white sand, and just a few restaurants and beach kiosks. No houses, no hotels, only nature and its outstanding beauty. Besides a splendid ocean view, there is one more great sight – most experienced surfers struggling with the enormous waves.

Male opinion

One of the nicest surf beaches of Rio de Janeiro. It is a beautiful small beach, usually not very crowded. Being surrounded by cool rock formations and evergreen mountains, gives Prainha a cozy isolated feeling. Getting there is also part of the enjoyment, as the winding costal road has some splendid views in store for you. Be ready to have fun in the powerful waves, and although the beach is separated, it has lifeguards.

Prainha means “little beach” in Portuguese. Located between Recreio and Grumari districts, Prainha is a part of environmental protection area Área de Proteção Ambiental Prainha. One of the cleanest beaches in Rio de Janeiro area. Very popular among surfers and nature lovers.

Tips for Prainha beach:

  • Go there early, as it takes a while to get there and on weekends it can get crowded.
  • Take the whole day to enjoy the walk there, as well as visit Nature Reserve and Recreation Park of Prainha, and Praia do Secreto on the way. It is a beautiful area.
  • Best spots on the beach are close to the rock formations towards the end of the beach, where you can stay in the shade. 

Quick facts

Type: beach
Touristic: no
Getting there: takes a long time
Minimal transport: bus + long walk
Cost: free
Other names: Prainha, Prainha beach
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How to get there

Address: Av. Estado da Guanabara

Hood: Recreio dos Bandeirantes

From Ipanema, General Osorio: 

1. Take the bus to Recreio (buses that have Recreio written as destination).
2. Get off the bus at Pedra do Pontal, Recreio (ask the driver to let you know).
3. Walk along the beach promenade away from Rio.
4. Continue until you reach a channel, where the only way to go is to the right.
5. Soon you will see a bridge at your left, cross it.
6. Continue to the left, along the coast, up a hill.
7. Continue along the cliff road until you reach Prainha. 

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