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Secreto Beach

Female opinion

If you go walking from Macumba beach to Prainha, a hidden paradise awaits you just a few steps off the main road. First you will have to go through two-meters high cane grass, and then climb down the steep rocks. And here it is – a small natural pool, called Secret Beach. There is only one little problem – it's not a secret anymore, and the place is normally full of people. If you don't feel like sharing this tiny pool with dozens of other visitors, then at least take advantage of the stunning ocean view.

Male opinion

Not an ordinary beach, Praia do Secreto is a natural rock pool with sandy floor. Fierce waves of the open ocean clash over the rock barrier with steady persistency, topping the basin with fresh and foamy saltwater. Again and again. It’s a beauty to watch and a joy to bathe in. The pool is not steep and there is no sandy beach, so a quick visit is enough to get a taste and continue to other great nearby beaches.

A hidden beach which only the locals know. It is a naturally formed rock pool with sandy bottom. You need to do a bit of climbing to get down to the pool, or take some sun on the rocks above. It is definitely a nice sight either way. With 12x5 meters in size, it can sometimes get overcrowded. Best to go there inside the week, to have less people.

As the name Praia do Secreto refers, it is a hard to find beach. Take along our instructions on how to get there. 

Tips for Praia do Secreto

  • You will not see the beach from the road. Take care not to miss the first pathway left into the high straws. 
  • It´s a great little pool to dip in on your way to Prainha, Grumari, or Macumba beaches.
  • Be cautious of the waves, they can be furious in Rio. As the waves break over the barrier straight into the pool, then too big waves can crush you into the rock walls. When the waves are too big, just enjoy the view and do not attempt to climb down into the pool. 

Quick facts

Type: beach
Touristic: not at all
Getting there: takes time and some effort
Minimal transport: bus + long walk
Difficulty: moderate
Cost: free
Other names: Praia do Secreto, Secreto beach, Secret beach
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How to get there

Address: Av. Estado da Guanabara

Hood: Recreio dos Bandeirantes

From Ipanema, General Osorio: 

1. Take the bus to Recreio (buses that have Recreio written as destination).
2. Get off the bus at Pedra do Pontal, Recreio (ask the driver to let you know).
3. Walk along the beach promenade away from Rio.
4. Continue until you reach a channel, where the only way to go is right.
5. Soon you will see a bridge at your left, cross it.
6. Continue to the left, along the coast, up a hill.
7. Take the first pathway to the left that goes into the thick and tall grass. You will not see where it goes, just take it and trust us. 

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