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Chinese View

Chinese View

Vista Chinesa (Chinese View) got its name after oriental-style bamboo pavilion built there in the early 20th century. Its aim was to honor Chinese immigrants, who brought tea cultivation to Brazil in the 19th century.

Chinese view is located in Tijuca National Park, 380 meters above ocean level. From Vista Chinesa you are able to see everything that lies between Corcovado and Dois Irmaos mountains.

Tips for Vista Chinesa

  • You can combine your visit with exploring Jardim Botanico and/or Parque Lage. For example, have breakfast at Parque Lage's cafeteria and explore the park, then take a taxi straight to Vista Chinesa. Come back walking (it's much easier to go down than up :) and visit Jardim Botanico at the end. The road from Chinese View leads straight to the entrance of Botanical Garden.
  • On your way downhill you can stop at a small waterfall in the forest to have a rest.
  • Go when the weather is clear, otherwise there is not much to see and you will not get good pictures.

Quick facts

Type: mountain
Touristic: very little
Getting there: takes time
Minimal transport: a long uphill walk or easy taxi
Height: 380 meters
Length: 6 km
Difficulty: hard OR very easy
Cost: free
Other names: Vista Chinesa, Chinese view
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